Still down for maintenance

Hand maintenance. Cone of shame still hinders me.

I’m still recovering from getting my series of shots in my wrist.  Even typing is uncomfortable.  The best medicine right now is just resting it. Sigh.

Anyway- in my down time, I’ve been researching animation pencil test archives.  Here are some of the treats I’ve been getting inspired by:

I actually woke up with this stuck in my head:

…That movie is so odd. This is an especially bizarre sequence, I know. The Sonny and Cher, and Elvis part especially. Its so odd it just stuck in my brain, apparently.

Deleted scene from Disney’s “The Black Cauldron”:

Some pencil tests from “The Emperor’s New Groove”. I was really impressed with the dancing in that movie.  I don’t really care for the story all that much, but I love the acting and the characters of that film.

 I especially love the villianous Yzma, voiced by Eartha Kit:

The incredible Glen Keane animating a scene of an elderly man getting up. Its as inspiring to listen to him talk as much as it is to watch him work:

From a lecture he gave at CalArts earlier this year:

Demo reel of Mr. Don Waller, a seasoned animator who stopped by my buddy’s studio today just to be cool and check them out:

And lastly, something much sillier (NSFW language):

I’m pretty sure I have to do one of these when I’m done with all these animation exercises I’ve been tearing thru 😀

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