Taking a few days off

Sorry, kids, no animation post today.

From time to time I like to do sewing projects, and over the weekend I started on a VERY worthwhile, but fairly complex one. And, its only a four day week, so my schedule is all wonky, and I figured I should take my time and be thorough with things.

I have this skirt I got several years ago that is the best skirt in the world, and I want another one, but they’re impossible to find. So I’m making one, using a pattern that’s similar as a guide (versus following it exactly), and using a destructed skirt that is the same  as the one I’m replicating, but the fabric is ugly.

It’s complicated 😛

To make things more complicated, I’m in love with the skirt’s patchwork pattern. So what did I decide to do? That’s right, make a patchwork. Out of these two adorable fabrics:

So far, I have the first yard of fabric ALMOST completed. This is basically how it’s done, but the squares I’m making are much smaller.  The next step is cutting out the pattern pieces from this magical fabric. I’ve never made a zippered fly before, so I’m going to make a practice one out of some scrap fabric and an old zipper I had lying around, so when it comes time for the real thing, it’ll be super easy. And after that, the actual skirt itself is simple as pie, and I’ll be ready to wear my awesome summer skirt! 😀

And that’s what I’m doing this week instead of animation. :B

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