Monster girl #4

I swear, I’ve been having withdrawals from my absence! I’ve been having weird animation dreams because I haven’t been doing enough of it, haha.  Come Monday, I may do a handful of already-done exercises before I whip out # 27.  Also, I’m not giving up on the 30 Monster Girl Challenge,  so, today’s subject: Naga! I had NO IDEA what it was before now.

And now that it’s the weekend, I’m probably going to be busy doing other cool things like working on the car  and spending time with family, but who knows! I really can’t wait to get back to doing animation. My schedule was SO wrecked by having Monday ‘off” this week.

Those of you who are curious about how the skirt is going- its SUPER HARD. T^T  Like, I actually ordered some books and I’m going to get some discount fabric and perfect making a skirt that’s awesome, and THEN using my hand made patchwork. Which looks like this:

kind of a bad picture, sorry, but I still think its ADORABLE.  I can’t wait to make this into a skirt~ It’ll be so coooooool!

Anyway, hope you all have a great evening and weekend. 🙂 G’night!

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