Summer is here! :D

Hi there! I apologize for not being more regular in posting- things keep getting crazy here and I keep forgetting. Also, when the weather gets really nice, I have to go outside, it’s unavoidable.

Working for MindBug is going awesome- I’m doing storyboarding, illustration, and animation, and because it’s contract work, I still have time to do personal work, including making a video game in Unity!

Super secret sneak peek:
You might be wondering ‘IS THAT A DINOSAUR IN A SPACE SUIT?’ So I’ll go ahead and say yes, indeed, it is. I am very excited~ 😀 In other news, I got a brush pen and I really like it! Here are some dragons that might just be geckos in fancy makeup.

dragons And another wee dragon I did for SketchDailies. I’m kind of on a dragon kick right now, which is new and bizarre for me, but whatever. 😀firedrake

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