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SO, I can’t say much, but my job today was to absorb as much Studio Ghibli content as possible¬†for the project I’m working on~ Stay tuned! Advertisements

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I love summer!

Quick update, sorry I’ve been so quiet! Right now I have a couple projects I’m juggling, and I’ll be posting some sneak peeks soon! ūüėÄ In the meantime, please enjoy this goofy¬†slap-dash animation:

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Happy Monday!

WHEW! The last couple weeks have been an absolute whirlwind working with MindBug Studios, finishing illustrating the book, helping out with the author’s website, and working on various other¬†¬†projects. Here’s most of the work I’ve done the last week or … Continue reading

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Animation test for MindBug Studios!

I’m excited to show off the¬†animation/illustration test I did for MindBug Studios! They make awesome little short videos demonstrating¬†startup ideas, and I’m really excited to be working with them. ūüėÄ

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I hate Norovirus

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the SCBWI‘s ¬†Seattle convention, but an hour after lunch I suddenly got REALLY sick- I had to leave a session 15 minutes early to go be violently ill in the bathroom. ¬†Several times. … Continue reading

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Happy Friday!

Poor TRex! Also, what if Santa was from space?

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Sometimes it’s good to have tiny arms…

P.S. if you like Valentine’s Day, happy Valentines Day! If you don’t like Valentine’s Day, I don’t blame you.

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