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Fantastic Friday!

I redid the ‘sad walk’! I like this version much better. I was inspired by how cold it’s getting outside. 😦 I’ve been kind of quiet this week because I’ve been working with an author on a children’s book. And … Continue reading

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Exercise #15 again, now fortified with FEELINGS: And now I’m off to adopt a cat! πŸ˜€

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Animation Exercise #15

Character walk cycle! This is a pretty straightforward walk cycle; no real acting going on here right now. The last 3D walk cycle I did turned out TERRIBLE, so I was trying not to psych myself out while I was … Continue reading

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Walkin with some additude

Here are the walk cycles I’ve done so far today, and I’ll be starting the next exercise this afternoon- I’m excited! Angrypants: Sadpants:

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Its Fridaaaaaaaaay~

Unblocker sketches! For whatever reason, two thirds of today’s randomly generated descriptions were kind of sexy. Challenge accepted. Continuing on animation exercise 15 of 51 (a walk cycle) because I wasn’t totally thrilled with my two cycles I did yesterday. … Continue reading

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